"What Went Right Today?"®

For children 3 -8

From sunrise to sundown
children discover the good events
that happen during an ordinary day

Using word, picture and song ♫♫
WWRT: What Went Right Today?
generates positive conservations about the things
that are important in a child’s world

♫♫ Listen to music from the "WWRT: What Went Right Today?" song

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Selected by parents who are teachers for the
Teachers’ Choice Award for the Family

Benjamin Franklin Award
“Best Children’s Audiobook”

Positive Attitudes and Character Education
Children discover
What Went Right Today
when they help others, help themselves, play with friends,
take the time to talk with their family, and more.

People with positive attitudes are known to

  • Be better problem solvers – academically and socially
  • Live less stressful lives
  • Live longer lives
  • Have fewer health issues

Positive conversations with parents and nurturing adult role models
influence children to be less likely to

  • Experiment with drugs
  • Hangout with other children who use drugs
  • Have behavioral problems
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Character Education and Language Arts projects
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What the experts say…
“Carefully penned”, “research-based book”,
“written with a great deal of respect shown to the child.”
Reading and Comprehension
  • An excellent book for teaching reading… The technique of rhyming builds phonemic awareness.
  • Repetition builds sight words
  • Engaging illustrations and open ended questions spark many different discussions. Discussions facilitate understanding and comprehension.
  • The music is captivating. As the children sing along with the text, set to a toe tapping song, watch how early readers give their undivided attention to follow the text.
  • The authors opted to use a plain text page, leaving out illustrations that can be distractions. The use of a plain text is found to facilitate the student’s focus on the written word.
Audiobooks recognized as an effective literacy tool

Benjamin Franklin Award
“Best Children’s Audiobook”

There is a "strong correlation between listening to audiobooks and improvements in reading comprehension, fluency, language acquisition, vocabulary development and improved achievement"
“Not Just for Listening,” Book Links , May 2005

At home or at school, children keep asking for
WWRT: What Went Right Today?

Teachers, if you need a book to help students focus
…look no further.
Just ask teachers who have it!
WWRT: What Went Right Today?
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