Joan Buzick,
President of Buz-Land Presentations,
receives award for public speaking and organizational leadership

Buz-Land Presentations offers a wide range of
custom talks, seminars, and workshops

What Went Right Today?
has evolved into an intergenerational concept.
was first used in and continues to be an outstanding tool in our customer service training programs.

Do you or your team members find it difficult to deal with comments?
You work hard and deserve to be recognized.

People will always comment.
So invite us in and from then on you will have
the power to expect, reject or wave comments goodbye.

This educational workshop is offered to teaching
professionals and school staff.

Paraffing is the building of Parent and Staff relations.
Let Buz-Land start your educational team Paraffing.

Buz-Land Presentations, Inc.
The preferred company with the reputation for. . .
Making important information memorable®



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